About Us

With a slogan From the earth to the moon, the Projectyl as a media company is committed to sharing the information on artists’ news to our clients to keep them updated with the day-to-day happenings in the lives of the celebrities. There are a lot of media companies but along with sharing news, we inculcate the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship to our clients to make them advanced in their respective fields of business. 

                           Not only as a media company but also as a leading textile brand, we have a mission to provide our customers the fabric and designs with trendy ideas adapting the modern trends in the world of fashion and style. 

To provide quality products and services to our customers and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction is our primary aim here.  

                      Our company is not only doing a business but also intending to enhance the entrepreneurship and leadership qualities of our customers by encouraging them with our fair business rules stressing enterprising, innovation, and teamwork.

The Projectyl is a company with traditions of a working environment that values honesty, ethics and is passionate for each other, our clients, and our audience. We are all set to polish your business potential to get you an advanced position in the market. 

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction we encourage the modern creative spirit to our clients so that they could also become a part of our dedicated business community. We are going to set high standards in the market by our quality products and by introducing new manufacturing processes and new markets.